PickMeApp.org software download site is alive!

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Dear PickMeApp user

From now on, we have even more  for our PickMeApp users.
We started our own software download site www.pickmeapp.org!

It means that you may use PickMeApp to install a new software.
Especially if PickMeApp failed to transfer your old program.
(The integration is under development)

You may use your login and password from PickMeApp site to access your PickMeApp.org account.
We are waiting for our comments , reviews and opinions!

And if you think that you have to much installed programs on your PC,
just use Ashampoo UnInstaller 5 to get rid of them.


P.S. It seems Ashampoo is insane and sells all their products of $100 value for only $20!
( Harry Up! It is only for a few days and Ashampoo UnInstaller 5 is included!)


Ashampoo is insane and sell all their products of $100 value for only $20!