1.1. Introduction

PickMeApp is a unique administrative tool to manage all aspects of the Windows software life cycle: Discovering, downloading, installing, running, upgrading, terminating, removing, capturing and transferring applications, with just a few clicks!

PickMeApp discovers and reports on all installed applications, even those which are hidden by the Windows operating system. PickMeApp reveals and summarizes detailed information about installed software, exposing unique data that are not available via other tools.

PickMeApp captures and transfers installed programs from a Windows-based computer to another. The installation packages created by PickMeApp can be used to backup and to restore the applications on Windows computers after reinstalling or recovering Windows. Those installation packages can be also installed on another Windows computer, or several computers, thereby saving the PC administration time.

PickMeApp helps clean up a computer from unnecessary software by silently uninstalling selected applications as well as help to repair malfunctioning software programs. PickMeApp can run or terminate selected applications and all their hidden process and services.

PickMeApp helps to discover and to install new software programs on computer or to upgrade existing installed software. PickMeApp comes with build in repository of free essential applications which could be easily installed on the computer in a row. All included programs are the latest releases linked directly to their original publisher sites. From another hand PickMeApp can work with any custom software repositories managed locally or remotely. The PickMeApp package management functionality eases setup and recreation of Windows computer working environments.

There several advanced features that boost efficiency of PickMeApp as software p life cycle management tool. For example, PickMeApp can create System Restore Points prior operations that may affect stability of system, such as Installing new software, upgrading or uninstalling existing software programs. The rich set of command line commands will help to automate the PickMeApp functionality without need to run PickMeApp interactively. PickMeApp performance could be fine-tuned using advanced settings.

PickMeApp can run as portable application from any removable storage. Alternatively, PickMeApp can be installed on the computer by window installer msi setup. PickMeApp leaves no trace of its usage on Windows. It reads and writes its configuration settings on a file saved under the PickMeApp installation folder.

PickMeApp supports Windows XP and above. It may equally manage software product life cycles of a 32-bit  and 64 bit programs on 32-bit or  64-bit Windows computers .

PickMeApp is available in the following product types: PickMeApp Pro, Light and Installer

  1. PickMeApp Pro has the richest set of software management functionality: discovering, downloading, installing, upgrading, removing, capturing and transferring applications
  2. PickMeApp Light is tuned to make capturing and transferring applications as simple as possible
  3. PickMeApp Installer includes almost all essentials features of PickMeApp Pro except ability to capture applications.

A more detailed comparison of the differences between PickMeApp Pro PickMeApp Light and PickMeApp Installer is given in the following  section of this manual. 

Note: In this manual, unless otherwise mentioned, the term PickMeApp refers to any of PickMeApp products Pro, Light and Installer.

The brief PickMeApp Light usage is giving in chapter 7 of this manual. Details on how to use PickMeApp Light to perform specific software management functions is given included in the same section.

1.2. What is meant by capture and transfer of software programs?

The capture  of applications enables you to create a personalized software package from programs installed on  your PC.  This software package is a snapshot of  the application itself and its customary settings.

Then this software package may be used to recovery the application on the PC, or to transfer the application on any compatible Windows operating system.

1.3. When is it time to use PickMeApp?

  • You want to have a backup of your installed programs and their settings;
  • You purchased a new computer, and you want to move your customary programs and their settings to a new computer.
  • You have to install an application with the same predefined settings on several computers.
  • You often reinstall Windows, and you want to save time on the installation of applications.