When PickMeApp was in its beta testing phase, PickMeApp and bellow was free.

From now on users may purchase one of two types of annual licenses that best fits their personal usage of PickMeApp Products.

  •  PickMeApp Light - about $12.
  •  PickMeApp Pro   - about $24

Note :

  • PickMeApp Pro license can be used with PickMeApp Light .
  • Non-expired PickMeApp (classic) license is valid for PickMeApp Pro 3.1 and up

The cost covers online support and free upgrades for any version released during those 52 weeks.

From another hand PickMeApp Installer is free tool to manage almost all aspects of the Windows software life cycle:  Discovering, downloading, installing, upgrading, removing, terminating applications with just a few clicks!

PickMeApp Products can be used on any computer,  any number of times,  on any number of programs, as soon as the usage is for personal needs.