PickMeApp Light is easy-to-use portable software that transfers installed programs to a new computer.

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Use PickMeApp Light for:

  • Upgrading Windows XP , Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10
  • Transfering programs and settings from one Windows PC to another
  • Backup installed programs and their settings
  • Frequent installs of the same program
  • Copy and Paste installed programs
  • Easy Uninstaller

PickMeApp Light supports program transfers

  • From low version Windows OS to higher version of Windows OS
  • From Windows 32 bit to Windows 64 bit 

Note: Transferred software should support destination operating system as well.


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Download PickMeAppLight

PickMeApp Light  usage:

  • Setup PickMeApp Light on any storage device.
  • Buy  PickMeApp Light unlimited annual usage license from PickMeApp Store.
  • Run PickMeApp Light and setup license in the Settings Dialog.
  • Capture installed program by searching and selecting the program in PickMeApp Light user interface. When completed, your program and customizations are packaged as a self-extracting setup executable file. Afterwards, repeat capturing for few more programs.
  • Transfer those installation packages to any Windows PC (with flash memory, ftp, etc.)
  • Deploy those installations one by one to reinstall the original program and its settings on the destination computer.

No changes were made to the original program. The transfer can easily be reversed!

Buy PickMeAppLight license


PickMeApp Light is based on PickMeApp software. The comparison of PickMeApp Light and PickMeApp is given here.

Beware that Free PickMeApp Beta is not available anymore.  Currently you can buy  PickMeApp Light version only. All PickMeApp Light users will be eligible for a full version of PickMeApp once it is released.

Software programs transferred by PickMeApp

See our list of software programs successfully transferred by PickMeApp. The list includes products from publishers such as Adobe, AutoCAD, Microsoft, Intuit (TurboTax), Corel, Nero, Symantec, Roxio and more!

As of today, there are more than 13 200 software products that have been transferred by PickMeApp.

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